How to Create eLearning Voice-Over Videos: A Step-By-Step Guide with Examples


Setting up a DIY home studio can help you save time and money in the long run. With technological advancements, this can be done without costing an arm and a leg. Second, you need to get to know your voice and develop it. While it’s great to be a jack-of-all-trades, it’s much better to be a master of some.

What Skills Do You Need to Become an Audiobook Narrator?

This will help you to even out the differences in volume and amplitude within the recording. Equalization, normalization, compression, and limiting are different functions included in the editing process.

Check out our guide to the best stem separation tools to find out more. In part one of this two-part guide, we’ll help you choose the best microphone and recommend a range of microphones and studio essentials for recording and producing your audiobook.

It’s a fascinating development, and one that has seismic implications for the music industry. Though only a few notable examples have caught the public’s attention thus far, thousands of fans have already used AI to reimagine popular songs with new voices. This may seem like another given but knowing how to expertly embody characters of different backgrounds is an essential skill that will separate you from other narrators. “Inevitably you’ll run into a scene with seven sisters or four women who are in their 30s, and you have to find a way to make their voices all sound distinct for your listener,” says Lambrix. ’ Audible Studios’s Kat Lambrix breaks down the skills you need to turn your narration dreams into a professional reality with expert tips and guidance.

It’s easier for human brains to remember something they saw or heard than it is to remember something they read. And voice-over videos, that use image and sound to convey information, ensure that both visual and auditory learners will remain engaged. If you also add captions to your voice-over video, you practically cater to every type of learner. If you have audio you recorded using other software and it’s stored on your computer, you can link to the audio file.

For example, in The Usual Suspects, the character of Roger “Verbal” Kint has voice-over segments as he is recounting details of a crime. Classic voice-overs in cinema history can be heard in Citizen Kane and The Naked City. You can produce a high-quality voice-over with the simple ones as well.

Because, people are not hesitant to recommend actors,” says Lambrix. Use the hash tag #voiceover when you’re speaking about the industry on the site. The traditional industry for voice overs was only available to a select few. You couldn’t get a voice over agent without a string of notable clients, and you couldn’t get those clients without an agent. Looking at your script and your storyboard together will allow you to check the pace of your video.

Step 1: Do research on how to get into voice acting

As well as knowing the ins and outs of how to get a voice acting job with a complete voice actor profile. It’s common for voice over audio to be out of line with the scenes of a video on first pass. If your voice over doesn’t line up, go back to your audio editing software and do a bit more trimming to get things right. Then, export the audio file and give it another go in your video editing program. In Bulgaria, multiple voice-over is also common, but each film is normally voiced by three to six actors.

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In film, the filmmaker distributes the sound of a human voice over images shown on the screen that may or may not be related to the words that are being spoken. Consequently, voice-overs are sometimes used to create ironic counterpoint. Also, sometimes they can be random voices not directly connected to the people seen on the screen. It eventually led to a waiver posted on NAVA’s website, which any voice actor can use for free, and later, Especially today, being able to market yourself online is key to gaining any traction in the narration space–so having a strong website is essential. You should have a good selection of samples that showcase your talents and abilities. To stand out even more, be sure to highlight some skills that can potentially set you apart, like fluency in another language or a specific topic that you’re an expert in.

Don’t be afraid to mark up your “script” and practice reading aloud while also scanning ahead to know what’s coming up. Then, record yourself reading, play back the audio, and critique your performance. It helps to identify and practice various vocal patterns, dialects, and accents. There are also voice-over classes you can take to master different narration styles. If your team is international and contains many non-native English speakers, perhaps you should consider offering the eLearning voice-over videos in different languages. Several studies have shown that it’s easier for people to retain information in their native language, so you want to make sure you’re setting up all your learners for success. Of course, your voice-over is only one part of your narration video.