How To Build A Ramp For An RC Truck For Under $30 October 2023


RC trucks that have been stored long-term should be kept elevated. This can be achieved by putting your RC truck on an RC car stand, a spare rim, or another object that will keep the RC truck elevated off its wheels. If you are storing your RC truck for a really long time, you can put the electric motor in a clean and dry sealable plastic bag. In fact, properly stored nitro fuel is almost unheard of going bad.

You might be out with a boat, or perfecting your skills with a plane. If your RC truck has a winch, you may also be wondering how to waterproof your RC truck’s winch. To waterproof your electrical connections and dean and tab connectors, you can use a little dielectric grease. Apply some grease to the connectors and then connect them again.

Scoring can be different between different clubs but here’s how we did it. Drivers received points based on finish order of each event (i.e. 1st place 1 point, 2nd place 2 points) and the overall winner was the person with lowest total score. As you might have guessed, the receiver receives the signal transmitted by the radio. To avoid interference with other RC systems, the transmitter and receiver must be on the same frequency. Ultimately you have to decide how much time and money you are willing to put into your ramps. Making a ramp makes a great weekend project and it is simple enough that it could be done together with a child or just some buddies having a good time.

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If you don’t, vibration will loosen them—especially if you have a nitro car. If you get thread-lock at a hardware store, make sure you get “medium” strength. Instead of using the kitchen table or another spot you’ll have to clear out of every night, choose a spot that you can reserve for car-building over a few days. You don’t need a lot of room to build; a folding table or desk is fine.

Power System

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They should be kept in the house where the temperatures will be more balanced. A lot of people store their RC trucks and equipment in their garages. Before storing your RC truck, you need to thoroughly clean all the internal parts in order to remove any residue, dust, dirt, rust, and grime. You want the internal components to be clean and dry before storing the RC truck long term.