How to: 10 Step Guide on How to Sell Jewelry To Stores


If you are local to the Sacramento, CA area, you can always stop by our shop for a free evaluation of your ring. You might be interested in our other article on how jewelry is valued. It discusses the different types of jewelry value (intrinsic, retail, appraisal, etc.) in a bit more depth. And even when the defect is uncovered, remaking the pieces takes a bit of time.

Mysti’s TIPS on Wholesale vs Consignment:

In fact some styles are so out of favor that the jewelry’s only value is its intrinsic worth. The other extreme is that the jewelry could be antique. Antique jewelry is highly collectible and may require a specialty option to sell. Knowing if your jewelry is just old and out of style or an antique can mean the difference of hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Doing this makes it easy to resolve issues during mass production. It’s also easier to fine-tune your pieces and to avoid losses. When done with the custom model builder, you’ll send your models to the casting company who will cast your designs.

How do I market my jewelry dropshipping business and attract customers?

Take Stripe, for instance, that’s only 2.9% and $0.30. Etsy is best described as the crown jewel of sales channels that sell handcrafted goods. You can easily integrate these payment gateways with the majority of ecommerce website builders.

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There are some stores in this wholesale market that offers small MOQ if they have stock. But most times, the lowest MOQ you’ll be allowed to buy is likely to be above 100 units even if they have stock. Based on your budget and design preferences, choose a service to host your website such as Google sites, Wix, Weebly, Intuit, Yahoo, Bluehost, Ruxter, or Squarespace. Your website will serve as one of the most public-facing displays of your jewelry business and should help to establish your brand. Create a website that includes images of your work, details on how to purchase it, and contact information.

We have a full article on how jewelry is valued that goes into more detail, if you would like to read more. Hi Martha, silver and palladium alloyed jewelry, never really took off in a huge way. That’s probably why you’re not finding a lot of it online.

Basic economics tells us to make a good profit, the initial cost that goes into purchasing the inventory should be minimal. It’s made possible through wholesalers who sell items in bulk at a fraction of a retain store’s price. That gives you, the buyer, tremendous savings, albeit you’re purchasing things in bulk. The casting of your designs saves time and promises good returns, especially if you cast your popular jewelry designs. Outsourcing casting of the custom designs is also recommended when you don’t have adequate funds to purchase casting equipment. Reynold Li is the co-founder of Fami Sourcing who specializes in the field of supply chain management in China.