Garage Door Safety Tips for Your Home and Family


Garage doors are an essential part of our homes, but they can also pose a serious threat to our families’ safety. A garage door weighs hundreds of pounds and can cause significant injuries or even death if not used correctly. That’s why taking some precautions and knowing some safety tips can significantly reduce the risks. It’s vital to contact a professional garage door repair in Burlington such as Pro Entry Garage Doors. In this blog post, you will learn about some crucial garage door safety tips that will help ensure that everyone in your family stays safe while using the garage door.

Regular Maintenance and Inspections are Crucial.

Your garage door is a complicated mechanism that comprises numerous parts. Regular cleaning and lubricating the hinges and tracks can keep your garage door operating smoothly. Additionally, you should schedule professional maintenance and inspection at least once a year. This way, a trained technician can detect any potential problems before they cause harm.

Do Not Let Children Play with Garage Doors.

Kids are naturally attracted to buttons and switches, and a garage door’s remote control can be fascinating for them to play with. It is not safe to let children operate garage doors or play with the remote control. Instruct them to stay away from the garage door, and always supervise them when they’re near it.

Test the Safety Features of Your Garage Door Regularly.

Garage doors come with several safety features that are designed to prevent accidents. One of the essential safety features is the auto-reverse system. If something interrupts the door’s path, it reverses immediately, preventing it from crushing anything. To test the system, place a roll of paper towels under the door, and try to close it. If the door doesn’t reverse, call a professional technician to fix it.

Keep Your Garage’s Door Opener Remote Out of Children’s Reach.

The garage door opener remote should be kept out of reach of children. It’s best to have it installed in a high place or put it in your pocket or purse. Additionally, never leave your remote in your car; it can get stolen, and the thief can have easy access to your house if your remote control has your address labeled on it.

Inspect The Garage Door’s Extension Springs.

Garage doors have extension springs that stretch and contract every time the door moves. These springs can cause significant injuries if they break, so it’s crucial to inspect them regularly. If you notice any rust or signs of damage, contact a professional technician to replace them.


Your garage door is an essential part of your home, but it can also pose a risk to your family’s safety. Taking some simple precautions and regularly inspecting and maintaining your garage door can significantly reduce these risks. Always supervise your children near the garage door, test the safety features regularly, and keep the garage door remote in a secure place. By following these garage door safety tips, you can help ensure that your family stays safe while using the garage door.